• R3leaZ

    OH MY GOD!!! Finally. My most favourite Visual Novel has finally been announced into an anime!!! I've been waiting for this since 2007. OH MY GOD!!! I'm so happy I could cry!!!

    Also the OP of Little Busters! Ecstasy (The Visual Novel)

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  • R3leaZ

    Notice: I didn't watched it in this order

    26 - Toradora! + OVA (Complete, My number 1 and the 2nd anime I watched in my whole life :3 this anime changed my way of thinking and litteraly changed my life. I know live a lot more for others, and I love to help other people out because of this)
    27 - Yosuga no Sora (Incomplete, fml...... just fml. But I guess my opinion doesn't count since I have too watch the whole anime before I can give a decent opinion)
    28 - Yumekui Merry (Complete, I hate the director. Why did he destroy such a cute novel. I liked the anime but I didn't like the music that is used in the anime. It's also very slow -_- Is the director a grandpa???)

    Rearranged in alphabetical order :] And added some new anime (written in bold)

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  • R3leaZ

    Came to the rescue

    February 29, 2012 by R3leaZ

    Hi my name is R3leaZ also known as Rafaël but you can call me Realz (Nickname that Shrike gave me). I litteraly came to the rescue for this wikia since it was extremely neglected: It had only 2 pages, a good for nothing main page and wrong information >.< I asked a friend of mine to help me with this wikia and he actually came to help me xD (Much appreciated!!!)

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