Usami Mimi
Usami Mimi
Japanese name: 宇佐見美々
Romanized name: Usami Mimi
English name: Mimi Usami
First Appearance: Episode 3
Gender: Female
Occupations: Student
Japanese VA: Kugimiya, Rie
English VA:
Korean VA: Yun, Mi Na


She is Otohime's childhood rival. She competed against Otohime in their school's popularity/beauty contest to see who was more popular. However, at the end of the competition, neither of them placed first, due to the Otogi Bank's efforts to lower both of their popularities. Instead, Usami ended up with no votes and Otohime ended up with one, which turned out to be Urashima Tarou's vote. This was meant to show how much Tarou cared for Otohime. When the Otogi Bank is taking requests at "30% off," Usami asks them for a favour, which eventually leads to Alice almost getting captured by some Onigashima Thugs. Luckily, Usami realises that she has been used to lure the members of the Otogi Bank out, which upsets her and she saves Alice. When they join up with the rest of the Otogi Bank at the entrance to Onigashima High School, she is at first hesitant to fight, but when she notices that Otohime is in trouble, she joins the fray and saves Otohime. After the Onigashima incident is over, Usami and Otohime apologize to each other for the years of bad blood and become friends.


She returns in episode 8 as a prospective bride.She is 142cm tall.

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