Urashima Tarou
Japanese name: 浦島太郎
Romanized name: Urashima Tarō
English name: Tarou Urashima
First Appearance: Episode 1
Gender: Male
Occupations: Student
Japanese VA: Asanuma, Shintaro
English VA: Haberkorn, Todd
Korean VA:

A first year transfer student who is a year older than everyone else. He shows no interest in men but goes completely amorous towards girls. There are certain situations where he will hit guys for hurting his friends, to which he calls it his "gentleman mode." He is Ryuuguu Otohime's best friend and lover since he was the only one to befriend her when they were young. Despite him being a ladies man and always flirting with other girls, he does have feelings for Otohime, and on multiple occasions, he shows that he will choose to be with her, rather than any other girls.