The Seven Companions are 7 companions to Okami (wolf).

They are, in order of individual sequential appearances (not the above group shot) in the opening sequence:

  1. Akai Ringo (red riding hood)
  2. Morino Ryoushi (hunter)
  3. Kiriki Liszt (fiddler)
  4. Kiriki Alice (typist)
  5. Tsurugaya Otsuu (maid)
  6. Urashima Tarou (accompanied by Ryuuguu Otohime)
  7. Le Fay Majolica (witch)

This order is not the order she met them in. While featured second, Ryoushi is the newest member of the group.

There is often confusion about the number, because Otohime's inclusion in the opening and her hanging around a lot appears to bring the total amount of companions to 8. But she isn't actually a member of the club, she just interferes a lot due to her boyfriend being in it.

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