Japanese name:
Romanized name:
English name: Hammel
First Appearance:
Gender: Male
Occupations: Butler
Japanese VA: Aoyama, Yutaka
English VA:
Korean VA:

Hammel is Chuutarou's personal butler and helps him to find a wife. Though he appears heartless and insults most of the candidates, he seeks to instill valuable lessons in his young master. His demeanor is rather stoic and reserved, however at certain times he can be quite jovial such as being quoted as saying that the most redeemable feature of a woman is her breasts. Though his name is "Hammel" he says he's a Sebastian at heart, which is taken from another famous butler in Kuroshitsuji ("Black Butler") who goes by the same name. Interestingly enough the English female voice of Ookami-san also voiced Ciel Phantomhive, who is the young master of the butler in Kuroshitsuji.