Reiko asking if Ryouko and Ryoushi are "more than friends".

Yukime Murano is Ryoushi Morino's aunt, and romance novelist (though she writes under the pen name Yuki). She currently owns an apartment complex that Ryoushi lives in, as well as many other students that attend Otogi High School.She is based on Japanese tale Yuki-onna.


Though she writes romance novels, her writing does not reflect her personality. Bold and a little uncloth, Yukime is the complete opposite of her nephew. Despite this, she has a kind and caring personality, as shown by giving Ryouko an autographed copy of her latest book, and carrying Otsuu Tsurugaya to the hospital.

She is a smoker.


Yukime has long, navy blue hair that she keeps tied back, and matching navy blue eyes. She is one of the few characters to have glasses.

Like most of the other supporting females, she is quite busty.


Yukime is currently married to Wakato. The two have a loving relationship.

Even though she's tough on her nephew, Yukime cares for Ryoushi. She explains to both Ryouko and Ringo that Ryoushi, given enough time of course, will become a good man that is both able to protect and support the women he loves.


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