Hitsujikai Shirou
Japanese name: 羊飼 士狼
Romanized name: Hitsujikai Shirō
English name: Hitsujikai Shirou
First Appearance: Episode 2
Gender: Male
Occupations: Student council
president of Onigashima
High School
Japanese VA: Suwabe, Junichi
English VA: Ian Sinclair
Korean VA: Jeon, Gwang ju

Shirou Hitsujikai is the former boyfriend of Ryouko and the main antagonist of the story.


Shirou Hitsujikai is the student council president of Onigashima High School, a school of delinquents intended to conflict with Otogi High School. During middle school, he tried to assault Ryouko, but no one believed her causing her to become fearful of him and transferred to another school.


He has a fake personality, at first which he shows himself as a polite young man. But later on shows his true personality.

Hitsujikai is shown to be very sadistic, seen in his fight with Ryoushi. He enjoyed beating up Ryoushi, tormenting both him and Ryouko, who was forced to watch. However, he is also cocky, which made him get caught offguard by Ryoushi.



He has platinum colored hair and purple eyes with pupils which resemble that of a snake . He wears a white uniform with yellow accents on it. In middle school, he wore glasses.


Hitsujikai was Ryouko's boyfriend in their middle school years. However, he later attempted to rape her. When Ryouko tried to tell people the truth, no one believed her, as they couldn't believe that a "good student" like Hitsujikai would do such a thing. The two would not see each other again for a few years.

After Morino Ryoushi began hanging out with the Otogi Bank, Hitsujikai noticed that Ryouko was among them.


Shirou's character is based on "The Boy Who Cried Wolf".

His name translated into English means 'White Shepherd'.

First Shirou

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