• Nekomiya-chan, -san or -kun (depending on your foramlity) is catagorizd in many areas of "moe" a fangirl term and way of catagorzing subjects of interest.
  • As the creater of this catagory i would consider him a devilsh and daring character, simliar to the twincest and devil twin characters Hikaru and Kaoru Hitacchin fromthe famous fangirl anime, OuranHighschool Host Club.
  • Also in a different perspective he can also be consider a lone wolf (ironic since hes a neko) with a good sense of teamwork and hidden motives, like Tamaki Souh in the last 2 episodes of Ouran Highschool Host Club. For those who havent watched Ouran i apoligize for the references but i suggest you watch it on Netflix before September 30, 2013, Ourans experation.
  • has nickname amognst the watchers of Okami-san and Her Seven Companions, neko-chan

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