Akai Ringo
Japanese name: 赤井 林檎
Romanized name: Akai RIngo
English name: Ringo Akai
First Appearance: Episode 1
Relatives: Shirayuki Himeno
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Occupations: Student
Member of Otogi Bank
Japanese VA: Itou, Kanae
English VA: Rial, Monica
Korean VA: Lee, Myeong seon


Ringo Akai is a petite red-haired girl who has been longtime friends with Ryoko. She is the one who recruits Ryōshi into Otogi Bank. She is a close friend of Ryōko and is always trying to involve herself with her best friend's love life. Like she tends to smile to hide her true feelings, and admires Ryoko for trying to become stronger.


She appears to be a small innocent girl on the outside, but she is actually very manipulative, cunning, and conceited on the inside, even thought sometimes she display to be really kind to others. She is very skilled at manipulating others and often uses this to her advantage. She also uses her conceited side to try to get Ryouko to admit her feelings for Ryoushi.


She is very short for her age, almost child-like, even though she is as old as Ryouko. She has short reddish-brown hair. She wears a white dress with a red hooded cape like Little Red Riding Hood does. She also carries a basket on occasion, which mirrors that of Little Red Riding Hood as well. She stands at 140 centimeters tall (4'7")


- She is based on the Little Red Riding Hood from the book of the same name, though some aspects of her scheming, manipulative personality closer resembles the poisoned apple, ("Ringo" means apple) of Snow White, a fact which is occasionally referenced by the narrator and other characters.
- She is the half sister of "Snow White" Shirayuki Himeno and feels responsible for her past.